Law and Ethics, Relationships,
Transitivity, and Innocence

1. Many people now make laws their ethics. If it's legal, they feel free to do it. And if it's not legal, they know shouldn't do it.

2. In an effort to make things clear and exact, the result may seem too obvious and too laden with qualifications.

3. Is the distribution of primes the same in binary as it is in decimal? Any favored base to study primes?

4. Men are from Mars, women from Venus. Don't try to understand, accept.


5. Non-transitive relationship. Be careful of these in discussions.
    a is related to b
    b is related to c
    sometimes false conclusion, a is related to c

Consider the relationship 'is far from'.
   Let a be US, b be UK and c be Mexico.
   a is far from b. The US is far from UK.
   b is far from c. The UK is far from Mexico.
   Is a far from c? Is the US far from Mexico?

6. It's easy to think - if you're innocent, the government should be able to know everything about you.
    Yet are all the laws and regulations of the government fair and equitable? Eg. what about laws against inter-racial marriages? homosexuality? disagreeing with official government policies?

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