Book Reviews

Anna Karinina Leo Tolstoy Book appreciation
Antigone Sophocles For leading a Great Books discussion
Athabasca Alistair Maclean Book Analysis
Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain Betty Edwards Art and Cognitive Thinking
Economic Games People Play Shlomo & Sharone Laital Extends beyong economics to psychology/sociology
I'm OK, You're OK T. Harris Summary of insights
Lucifer's Hammer Pournelle and Niven Review of sci fi best seller



Nemesis Isaac Asimov Review
One Writer's Beginnings Eudora Welty Short review
Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen Short impression
Starman Jones Robert Heinlein Book investigation
Tender Is the Night F. Scott FitzGerald Short impression
The Dragons of Eden Carl Sagan Bullet point list of scientific ideas
The Masterpiece   Review of book for difficult students
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles Dominic Dunne Modern classic
The Virginian Owen Wister Prototypical Western



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