Books Read
List started Dec. 24, 1973

China's Red Rebel Edmonds Butch recommended this to me.
Night of January 16th Rand, Ayn  
Alchemy Deception Holzer, Hans  
The Big Time Leiber, Fritz  
The Assistant Malamud, Barnard At UMBC I mentioned I liked reading Malamud and the response was surprise - that he could be enjoyable.
The Genetic Code Asimov, Isaac  




Soul on Ice Cleaver, Elridge Powerful.
Galileo Brecht, Bertolt  
The Gods Themselves   Creation of the rotifer society was well done. Completed 4/13/1974.
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test Wolfe, Tom  
Dune Herbert, Frank Enjoyed the creation of the desert culture.



Book Notes
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