Deciding to redesign my website, I spent some time mulling over the various looks I could go for.

   I have added a comment button to the pages. Please don't be too shy to express your opinion. Or feel free to use the guest book for any comments.

   The website assumes a screen resolution of 1024x768. If the images seem of low quality to you, in Internet Explorer, you can go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Multimedia, and turn off Auto Image Resizing. If it doesn't help you, you can turn it back on very easily by the same path.

   If you have the font size turned on very large, you may see text over-writing the footer, where most navigation is.

Usage Notes

   Most navigation is by word links, however for individual pieces that are longer than these pages, there will be a symbol at the bottom right of the page that links to the continuation. As an example of their use, I placed both the forward and backward links on this page.

   The Table of Contents (TOC) organizes the web book. The andsysmbols at the bottom of each section take you to the next section. You can always to get to any section by going to the TOC, link to the section you want, and select the link to an individual article.

    You can send me notes or pointers in my guestbook.



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