A 'C' President

   Before this last election, I heard some comments about George Bush being a C student in college and not a very good student. Let me get a few side points out - It has been uncovered that John Kerry received even slightly lower grades. Also some C students are very bright. They don't apply themselves to assigned work but to studies that interest them.
   The question is - what difference does it make if the presdient is not bright?
   One thing you will notice is that don't plan well. When something goes wrong, they can recognize that something is wrong and react to it, but they are surprised by events.
   Another thing is they make expeditious decisions that have implications - costs and side effects - that they do not anticipate and thus don't factor into their cost-benefit analyses.
   Think back to your days in the classroom. What kind of answers did the C student give? Often answers that overlooked significant factors. Is that what we want in a President?

Copyright 2005