Forest Technique

   Abortion. Drug use. Euthansia. Prostitution. Difficult to decide about.
   When discussions start on these topics, the discussion often get pulled into legal issues. Now, I don't want to slight those elements of the discussion, but I do want to isolate them. I want to come to conclusions that are true to me.
   For that purpose, I use the Forest Technique. I imagine that I live in a treehouse in a forest, before any governments exist. The only constraints on my action or my neighbor's actions are what we put on ourselves or on each other. I only have one neighbor. My next tree neighbor has had an abortion or uses drugs or has an elderly relative.
   Sitting in my tree, looking out at the moon and the stars, perhaps hearing noise from the next tree, I can tell what I feel about their actions - not what the laws have worked out as the proper feeling.
   Let's not forget that the laws are been stretched far and thin by new technology (which has been growing for thousands of years). Altogether, we are able to alter our environment faster than our biology can adapt.

   It's a simple little trick that helps me see the true, important issues to me.


Copyright 2005