Free and Balanced Media

   The Bush Administration is getting some well-deserved criticism from the US media. Its planting of slanted psuedo-news pieces without government attribution is deplorable. Even worse is its latest move to ignore the GAO's finding that this practice is an illegal use of public funds. What aren't news media or public watchdog organizations filing court cases to stop this undermining of free and balanced news to the people?

   Consider further these two news stories that have been highly reported - Iraqi Oil for Food scandal and steroids - have counterpoints that are not explored the same way. Why?

   First, everyone has heard repeatedly that Kofi Annan was in charge while billions of dollars were mishandled, supported Saddam Hussein, and siphoned away from the people. Certainly terrible to the extent it's true.
   Question? Why has there only been the briefest of mention of the billions of dollars that disappeared in the less than two years of American Iraqi Provisional Government?


  Second, steroids and baseball. I've heard it so much lately that it seems to be reported to the tune of 'love and marriage'. It's interesting to fans like me, but it is a troubling issue on a subject of limited inherent importance. Players reputations are being besmirched by rumors.
   Then there is the unexplored story. Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger use of steroids in his bodybuilding years receiving so little play?

March 17, 2005

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